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U.S. Pain Foundation is a 501 (c)3 organization that serves people living with pain and their caregivers. Founded in 2006 by Paul Gileno, a person with pain, U.S. Pain Foundation strives to connect, inform and empower those living with pain and advocate for the pain community.

To these ends, U.S. Pain has implemented many programs focusing on these goals.

 invisible  INvisible Project –The INvisible Project is an educational and inspirational moveable photojournalistic display that captures the everyday experiences of people with chronic pain and illness. It brings the challenges and difficulties faced by people with pain out of the darkness, validating their struggles while celebrating their personal strength, courage and character.
 pain ambassador logo  Pain Ambassador Program – U.S. Pain Ambassadors are individuals committed to creating pain awareness and generating change within the medical community. They  help individuals in need, organize educational events, lobby legislators for better health-care laws and more. Pain Ambassadors are the face of the U.S. Pain Foundation and the pain community.
 Final Logo Pain Bracelet Pain Warrior Bracelet – A unique bracelet created by U.S. Pain Foundation to connect and salute those living with pain. They unite the pain community and create awareness.
 Take-Control-LOGO  “Take Control of Your Pain” events – These educational seminars are for patients to meet fellow pain warriors and listen to healthcare providers discuss the latest advances in pain management and complementary therapies.
 Learn about your pain logo  Learn About Your Pain – This website is designed for pain patients and anyone else looking for concrete, credible information on medical conditions and therapy options.
 Heroes-of-Healing-LOGO  Heroes of Healing – an open-minded, interactive, forum-based website for those with pain and caregivers to share stories of struggle, perseverance and triumph.
 TOP Logo Final FULL COLOR  Triumph Over Pain (TOP) Walks – A popular way to raise awareness and funds for our “Take Control Of Your Pain” events, these walks are held in communities across the country, and are intended to further education, increase awareness and raise funds for research on pain diseases. They also present an opportunity for outdoor exercise and goal-meeting for people with pain as well as the general public.
 Support Groups – Helping individuals organize their own support groups, and we provide educational and motivational materials they can use to help themselves and others. Contact our main office for more information on finding a support group and/or starting a group.
 eNewsletter – The eNewsletter, along with our bi-yearly Journey of Hope publication, highlights our programs and provides information about advocacy efforts and important upcoming events as well as helpful seasonal tips.
 The Coalition Against Pediatric Pain (TCAPP) – TCAPP unites families affected by pediatric pain, advocates for children in pain by increasing awareness of their needs and educates others regarding the long-term consequences of pediatric pain.
Pain Medicine 411
 – The mission of Pain Medicine 411 is to provide current, comprehensive, non-biased information about all types of medications intended for pain relief, both prescription and over-the-counter, so that people with pain and their caregivers can work with healthcare providers to make educated decisions about the use of these medicines in their care plans. Pain Medicine 411 strives to help readers understand the benefits as well as the dangers of pain relief medications and become thoroughly educated on the best safe-use practices.
 beautify in blue logo  Beautify in Blue – a chronic pain awareness initiative designed to highlight the bravery of pain warriors. Signs and ribbons are proudly displayed at approved locations in towns across the US, empowering fellow pain warriors by visually validating pain as an invisible illness.
Pain Ambassador Blog – a place where Pain Ambassadors come together to share information and ideas and to connect. This site hosts live chats, houses U.S. Pain resources and documents and provides a forum for discussion.

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