Abuse & Misuse

Abuse and Misuse of prescription pain relievers in a serious public healthcare problem. In 2011, the White House identified prescription drug abuse and misuse as a major public health and public safety crisis. They therefore called for urgent action to ensure the appropriate balance between the benefits and risks for these medications.


Pain Medicine 411 wants to share facts and resources with you to help you stay better informed.

Know Your Dose

Know Your OTCs

Up and Away

Advocates for Opioid Recovery


Alliance for Balanced Pain Medicine

Prescription Drug Abuse Information and Statistics

RxSafe Marin

Opioid IQ


Get Smart about Drugs

Pillbox – rapid identification, reliable information

Drug Treatment Center Finder

Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP)


Important Safety Information on Abuse, Misuse and Storage:

Safeguard My Meds



Consumer Med Safety – protect yourself from medication errors

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids: Where Families Find Answers

Educate before you medicate: the National Council on Patient Information and Education 

Rx Dangers

Recall Report

Safe Medicine Use, Storage and Disposal


Displaying the need for a balanced approach to both pain management and pain policy–

Alliance for Balanced Pain Management (AfBPM)

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